Friday, May 20, 2011

A fairy story set in Kelsey Gardens

The Hull Model Boat Club were at South Lake, Kelsey Gardens in April racing their "Peapod" yatchs. Suddenly a shout went up "woman overboard." It was a mermaid from Lewis's yatch. She sank straight to the bottom of the lake. Lewis thought he would never see her again.

Weeks passed and then one day she was returned to Lewis safe and sound by Ian, the manager of Kelsey Gardens. Lewis was astonished and asked how it was possible, "had she swam ashore?"

Ian replied "no." The Police divers had been down there on an exercise. They were told of the fate of the mermaid and set out to look for her body. After a short time they returned to the surface with the mermaid safe and well.

When asked how they found her they replied that they had heard a siren and followed the source of the sound which led them to Lewis's mermaid.

The Hull Model Boat Club would like to thank the Police Divers and all at Kelsey Gardens.

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